Элинор Бланчард - фильмография


Americans After All1916
Otto's Vacation1916
The Winning Number1916
Father's Night Off1916
Millionaire Billie1916
Mr. Housekeeper1916
A Wise Waiter1916
An Accident Policy1915
Half a Million1915
Playing in Tough Luck1915
Country Blood1915
An Hour of Freedom1915
Who Violates the Law1915
No Other Way1915
The Road o' Strife1915
Mother of Pearl1915
The White Mask1915
Winning Winsome Winnie1915
Socially Ambitious1915
Poet and Peasant1915
Her Martyrdom1915
A War Baby1915
Comrade Kitty1915
A Clean Slate1915
Marah, the Pythoness1914
The Grip of the Past1914
The Trunk Mystery1914
The Man of Him1913
Dear Old Girl1913
The Hills of Strife1913
On the Dumb Waiter1913
Hilda Wakes1913
Cinderella's Gloves1913
The Value of Mothers-in-Law1913
On the Job1913
Boosting Business1913
The Same Old Story1913
Cousin Jane1913
The Deacon's Dilemma1913
Found Out1913
The Wardrobe Lady1913
The Misjudging of Mr. Hubby1913
Billy McGrath on Broadway1913
Lady Audley's Jewels1913
Teaching Hickville to Sing1913
Don't Lie to Your Husband1913
Love and Lavallieres1913
Hypnotism in Hicksville1913
What George Did1913
Alkali Ike in Jayville1913
Bill Mixes with His Relations1912
Giuseppe's Good Fortune1912
Mr. Hubby's Wife1912
Billy McGrath's Art Career1912
The Fisherman's Luck1912
Miss Simkins' Summer Boarder1912
The Thrifty Parson1912
A Mistaken Calling1912
The Redemption of Slivers1912
A Little Louder, Please!1912
The Adventure of the Button1912
Billy McGrath's Love Letters1912
The Listener's Lesson1912
Her Adopted Father1912
A Corner in Whiskers1912
The Magic Wand1912
An Adamless Eden1912
The Tale of a Cat1912
The New Church Organ1912
Cupid's Quartette1912
Down Jayville Way1912
Billy and the Butler1912
His Thrifty Wife1912
Napatia, the Greek Singer1912
The Clue1912
A Lucky Mix-Up1912
When a Man's Married1912
A Flurry in Furniture1912
The Turning Point1912
The Little Black Box1912
Winning an Heiress1911
The Right John Smith1911
A False Suspicion1911
The Burglarized Burglar1911
In the Right of Way1911
The Kiss of Mary Jane1911
When the Tables Turned1911
Her Spoiled Boy1911