Зигмунд Любин - фильмография


Passion Play1900
Lady Contortionist1899
New Pillow Fight1897
Back to Primitive
Like Father Like Son1916
The Usurer's Due1916
A Lesson in Labor1916
Their Mother1916
The Price of Dishonor1916
Otto, the Gardener1916
The Light at Dusk1916
It Happened in Pikesville1916
In the Hour of Disaster1916
By Right of Love1916
Otto, the Salesman1916
Otto, the Salesman1916
Otto the Sleuth1916
Americans After All1916
The Rough Neck1916
Otto's Vacation1916
Hang on Cowboy1916
A Terrible Tragedy1916
The Stolen Master1916
Edison Bugg's Invention1916
The Return of John Boston1916
Out of the Flotsam1916
No Place Like Jail1916
Love Is Law1916
Otto's Legacy1916
Sons of the Sea1916
The Avenger1916
Otto the Cobbler1916
Otto the Reporter1916
Two Smiths and a Haff1916
The Scapegrace1916
Pickles and Diamonds1916
The Code of the Hills1916
The Final Payment1916
Oh, You Uncle!1916
The Winning Number1916
The Beggar King1916
Jenkins' Jinx1916
The Wheat and the Chaff1916
Skirts and Cinders1916
Love's Toll1916
Father's Night Off1916
None So Blind1916
The Candle1916
The Buckshot Feud1916
Love and Bullets1916
Playthings of the Gods1916
Germs and Microbes1916
Millionaire Billie1916
The Heart's Tribute1916
One of the Pack1916
Frocks and Frills1916
Mr. Housekeeper1916
The Greater Wrong1916
Otto the Bellboy1916
The Flames of Johannis1916
A Wise Waiter1916
The Scarlet Chastity1916
The Return of James Jerome1916
The Fatal Bean1916
Billie's Double1916
The Voice in the Night1916
Otto the Soldier1916
Love One Another1916
A Sister to Cain1916
The Crash1916
Dollars and the Woman1916
The Gulf Between1916
Some Boxer1916
Soldiers' Sons1916
A Change of Heart1916
Hamlet Made Over1916
Her Bleeding Heart1916
Billie's Revenge1916
The Redemption of Helene1916
Four Narratives1916
The Repentant1916
A Temporary Husband1916
The Uplift1916
Billie's Lucky Bill1916
Sold to Satan1916
The Last Shot1916
The New Janitor1916
Her Wayward Sister1916
The Election Bet1916
A Modern Paul1916
Souls in Bondage1916
A Reformation Delayed1916
The Embodied Thought1916
The Dragoman1916
The Gods of Fate1916
Two News Items1916
Fooling Uncle1916
Race Suicide1916
The Wonderful Wager1916
The Law's Injustice1916
The Evangelist1916
The Little Sister of the Poor1916
A Skate for a Bride1916
The Bond Within1916
The Old Watchman1916
A Bath Tub Mystery1916
The City of Failing Light1916
The Lost Bracelet1916
Billie's Headache1916
Vengeance of the Oppressed1916
Sorrows of Happiness1916
A Ready-Made Maid1916
The Convict King1915
Saved from the Harem1915
This Isn't the Life1915
No Smoking1915
Beyond All Is Love1915
The Great Divide1915
Otto's Cabaret1915
An Unwilling Burglar1915
Sweeter Than Revenge1915
A Thief in the Night1915
The Inner Chamber1915
The Moment Before Death1915
The Stool Pigeon1915
The Ogre and the Girl1915
Playing the Same Game1915
A Man's Making1915
The Other Sister1915
And the Parrot Said...?1915
With Stolen Money1915
The Silent Man1915
Which Is Which?1915
The Legend of the Poisoned Pool1915
Blaming the Duck, or Ducking the Blame1915
Meg o' the Cliffs1915
As the Twig Is Bent1915
As the Twig Is Bent1915
The Meddlesome Darling1915
Limberger's Victory1915
The Nation's Peril1915
His Wife's New Lid1915
The Death Web1915
Margie of the Underworld1915
In Love's Own Way1915
An Accident Policy1915
His Three Brides1915
A Night in Old Spain1915
The Ghost of Twisted Oaks1915
Half a Million1915
The Orgy1915
The Cellar Spy1915
The Urchin1915
Up Against It1915
The Sacred Bracelet1915
His Body Guard1915
The Wonder Cloth1915
The Strange Unknown1915
The Man of God1915
Playing in Tough Luck1915
The Inevitable Penalty1915
Playing Horse1915
A Woman Reclaimed1915
When Youth Is Ambitious1915
Nell of the Dance Hall1915
Cutting Down Expenses1915
The Lonely Fisherman1915
The Price of Pies1915
Belle of Barnegat1915
Nan o' the Backwoods1915
The Steadfast1915
Romance in a Beanery1915
The Emerald God1915
The Valley of Lost Hope1915
Think of the Money1915
The Telegrapher's Peril1915
Jim West, Gambler1915
Love and Swords1915
Think Mothers1915
The Cello Champion1915
When the Wires Crossed1915
Voices from the Past1915
The Wayville Slumber Party1915
In Zululand1915
Tillie's Tomato Surprise1915
Tony and Marie1915
Captain Kidd and Ditto1915
The Last Rebel1915
The Careless Anarchist1915
That Brute1915
The Silent Accuser1915
The Golden Oyster1915
A Desert Honeymoon1915
Advertising Did It1915
A Heart Awakened1915
The Red Virgin1915
Where the Road Divided1915
Babe's School Days1915
Queenie of the Nile1915
The Great Ruby1915
Romance as a Remedy1915
Finn and Haddie1915
An Artful Artist1915
In Spite of Him1915
The Phantom Happiness1915
The Wildcat1915
The Haunted Hat1915
Avenging Bill1915
A Romance of Mexico1915
Billie Joins the Navy1915
Under the Fiddler's Elm1915
A Species of Mexican Man1915
Dog-Gone Luck1915
The Spark and the Flame1915
The Life Guard1915
When Souls Are Tried1915
The Dead Letter1915
The Ringtailed Rhinoceros1915
Polly of the Pots and Pans1915
Her Romeo1915
The Deception1915
Horrible Hyde1915
The Great Lone Land1915
Billie's Debut1915
A Day of Havoc1915
Country Blood1915
The Rakoon Hose Company1915
The Climbers1915
The Taunt1915
Billie's Heiress1915
The Call of Motherhood1915
The Gold in the Crock1915
Susie's Suitors1915
The Earl's Adventure1915
The Dead Soul1915
When Wifie Sleeps1915
Her Idol1915
Destiny's Skein1915
When the Light Came In1915
The Discontented Man1915
Wifie's Ma Comes Back1915
An Hour of Freedom1915
A House of Cards1915
All for Old Ireland1915
What a Cinch1915
The New Valet1915
Деньги! Деньги! Деньги! / Money! Money! Money!1915
Whom the Gods Would Destroy1915
The Cannibal King1915
Her Mother's Secret1915
By the Flip of a Coin1915
The Path to the Rainbow1915
Her Choice1915
Her Answer1915
The Dream Dance1915
The Life Line1915
With the Help of the Ladies1915
Father Said He'd Fix It1915
From Champion to Tramp1915
The Insurrection1915
Capturing Bad Bill1915
Nearly a Prize Fighter1915
The Cornet1915
Courage and the Man1915
Tap! Tap! Tap!1915
He's a Bear1915
The New Butler1915
The Inventor's Peril1915
The Darkness Before Dawn1915
Out for a Stroll1915
Nobody Would Believe1915
On Bitter Creek1915
Her Other Self1915
Matilda's Legacy1915
The Sporting Duchess1915
The Sporting Duchess1915
The Club Man1915
Just Retribution1915
A Decision of the Court1915
Во тьме / In the Dark1915
A Lucky Strike1915
The Substitute1915
What Money Will Do1915
The Gray Horror1915
Who Bears Malice1915
Who Stole the Doggies?1915
The College Widow1915
The Busy Bell Boy1915
The Spy's Sister1915
Such Things Really Happen1915
Who Violates the Law1915
The Twin Sister1915
No Other Way1915
The Undertaker's Daughter1915
Safety Worst1915
When the Range Called1915
A Romance of the Navy1915
Her Father's Picture1915
Percival's Awakening1915
The Fresh Agent1915
The Haunted Attic1915
A Delayed Reformation1915
The Terrible One1915
Mixed Flats1915
Just Look at Jake1915
The Accusing Pen1915
Rated at $10,000,0001915
A Prince of Peace1915
Cleaning Time1915
Black Art1915
Clothes Count1915
He Couldn't Explain1915
The Stroke of Fate1915
Mr. Carlson of Arizona1915
The Cipher Key1915
Capturing the Cook1915
Capturing the Cook1915
The Road o' Strife1915
Mother of Pearl1915
In the Background1915
The White Mask1915
The Unmarried Husband1915
Monkey Business1915
Patsy, Married and Settled1915
Si and Su, Acrobats1915
It Happened on Wash Day1915
The Thief in the Night1915
Men of the Mountains1915
The Blessed Miracle1915
An Expensive Visit1915
Patsy on a Yacht1915
On the Road to Reno1915
The Prize Baby1915
The Prize Baby1915
One Law Breaker1915
The Only Way Out1915
A Tragedy of the Hills1915
Patsy Among the Smugglers1915
Margie Puts One Over1915
The Winthrop Diamonds1915
In the Dragon's Claws1915
Siren of Corsica1915
Winning Winsome Winnie1915
Patsy in Town1915
Socially Ambitious1915
The Good in Him1915
The Hermit of Bird Island1915
A Woman Went Forth1915
When Mother Visited Nellie1915
Patsy Among the Fairies1915
The Millinery Man1915
The Human Investment1915
Beneath the Sea1915
The Love of Women1915
Poet and Peasant1915
Patsy's Elopement1915
It All Depends1915
Her Martyrdom1915
The Rainy Day1915
A Double Role1915
Patsy at the Seashore1915
An Obstinate Sheriff1915
The Trapper's Revenge1915
Bags of Gold1915
His Soul Mate1915
Patsy in a Seminary1915
The Furnace Man1915
The Nameless Fear1915
The Regenerating Love1915
The Belated Honeymoon1915
Patsy on a Trolley Car1915
Another Shade of Green1915
The Language of the Dumb1915
In Her Mother's Footsteps1915
The Attorney for the Defense1915
Green Backs and Red Skins1915
Patsy in Business1915
Shoddy the Tailor1915
A Question of Conscience1915
The Shanghaied Baby1915
Her Weakling Brother1915
Gus and the Anarchists1915
Cupid's Target1915
Patsy's Vacation1915
Spaghetti a la Mode1915
Mr. Stubb's Pen1915
Out of the Storm1915
The Friendship of Lamond1915
When Honor Wakes1915
Baseball and Trouble1915
Patsy at College1915
Feel My Muscle1915
Love's Savage Hate1915
A War Baby1915
Comrade Kitty1915
They Looked Alike1915
The New Editor1915
Patsy's First Love1915
What He Forgot1915
He Gave Him a Million1915
A Clean Slate1915
The Lion and the Mouse1914
Through Fire to Fortune1914
Fate and Fugitive1914
Battle of Gettysgoat1914
The House Next Door1914
Marah, the Pythoness1914
The Inspector's Story1914
The Intriguers1914
Patsy at School1914
Lure of the Green Table1914
A Soldier of Peace1914
His Suicide1914
The Comediennes' Strategy1914
When the Blind See1914
Weary Willie's Rags1914
The Fresh Air Cure1914
The Man from the Sea1914
A Recent Confederate Victory1914
Dobs at the Shore1914
He Wanted His Pants1914
A Believer in Dreams1914
The Grip of the Past1914
The House of D'or1914
You Can't Beat Them1914
The Servant Girl's Legacy1914
The Making of Him1914
Mother's Baby Boy1914
The Marriage Wager1914
Cheap Transportation1914
She Was the Other1914
Stonewall Jackson's Way1914
In the Hills of Kentucky1914
The Quack1914
Kidnapping the Kid1914
The Honor of the Force1914
Love Triumphs1914
The Stolen Yacht1914
The Sorceress1914
A Boomerang Swindle1914
The Soubrette and the Simp1914
Thumb Prints and Diamonds1914
The Wolf's Daughter1914
The Mountain Law1914
She Married for Love1914
The Crooks1914
Her Mother Was a Lady1914
Threads of Destiny1914
The Hopeless Game1914
Михаил Строгов / Michael Strogoff1914
The Bond of Womanhood1914
When the Ham Turned1914
The Green-Eyed Monster1914
The Girl at the Lock1914
His First Case1914
His Brother Bill1914
Jealous James1914
Jealous James1914
Toys of Fate1914
The Wise Detectives1914
Pins Are Lucky1914
The Double Life1914
The Twin Brothers Van Zandt1914
Rastus Knew It Wasn't1914
The Beloved Adventurer1914
As We Forgive Those1914
Never Too Old1914
The Green Alarm1914
The Aggressor1914
The Attorney's Decision1914
Making Auntie Welcome1914
The Love of Ora San1914
His Brother's Blood1914
The Dreamer1914
Back to the Farm1914
They Bought a Boat1914
The Heart Rebellious1914
The Downward Path1914
He Wanted Work1914
A Daughter of Eve1914
The Rise of the Johnsons1914
Within the Noose1914
Три мужчины и женщина / Three Men and a Woman1914
The Lure of the Car Wheels1914
The Question and Answer Man1914
The False Shadow1914
Worms Will Turn1914
She Wanted to Know1914
The Cross of Crime1914
Codes of Honor1914
Tough Luck1914
The Incompetent1914
The Kidnapped Bride1914
The Doom of Duty1914
The Shadow of Tragedy1914
The Living Fear1914
His Sudden Recovery1914
Who's Boss?1914
The Candidate for Mayor1914
Long May It Wave1914
Good Cider1914
Claim Number Three1914
The Changeling1914
The Female Cop1914
Kiss Me Good Night1914
A Brewerytown Romance1914
A Tango Tragedy1914
The Trunk Mystery1914
For Two Pins1914
The Particular Cowboys1914
A Country Girl1914
A Leaf from the Past1914
Love's Long Lane1914
He Won a Ranch1914
Madam Coquette1914
Building a Fire1914
When Conscience Calls1914
Behind the Footlights1914
Casey's Birthday1914
Casey's Birthday1914
The Gamblers1914
The Inventor's Wife1914
The Klondike Bubble1914
Outwitting Dad1914
Strength of Family Ties1914
A Father's Heart1914
Business and Love1914
The Daughters of Men1914
The Root of Evil1914
Lord Algy1914
The Bully's Doom1914
All in the Air1914
A Man's Faith1914
The Mansion of Sobs1914
The Fighting Blood1914
The Puritan1914
A Deal in Real Estate1914
The Weaker Brother1914
A Strange Melody1914
A Cruel Revenge1914
In the Gambler's Web1914
The Two Roses1914
The Female Book Agent1914
The Price of a Ruby1914
Getting Even1914
An Innocent Victim1914
Fitzhugh's Ride1914
The Measure of a Man1914
Antidotes for Suicide1914
The Vagaries of Fate1914
A Stage Door Flirtation1914
His Excellency1914
The Blinded Heart1914
The Man from the West1914
The Eternal Duel1914
A Servant of the Rich1914
The Inscription1914
The Engineer's Revenge1914
Меж двух огней / Between Two Fires1914
The Squire's Mistake1914
The Circle's End1914
The Sheepherder1913
The Golden God1913
The Mountaineer1913
When the Earth Trembled1913
The Englishman's Mistake1913
The Cry of the Blood1913
Temporal Death1913
His Blind Power1913
The Gentleman from New Mexico1913
The Third Degree1913
The Doctor's Romance1913
A Son of His Father1913
When He Sees1913
The Battle of Shiloh1913
A Masked Mix-Up1913
Life, Love and Liberty1913
His Best Friend1913
An Enemy's Aid1913
An Interrupted Courtship1913
When Mountain and Valley Meet1913
The Hazard of Youth1913
Melita's Sacrifice1913
Just Cissy's Little Way1913
The Harmless One1913
His Chorus Girl Wife1913
Partners in Crime1913
Turning the Table1913
The Two Fathers1913
When the Clock Stopped1913
The Sea Eternal1913
A Miracle of Love1913
From Out of the Flood1913
Hiawanda's Cross1913
The Price of Victory1913
Magic Melody1913
The Double Chase1913
When Brothers Go to War1913
The Rattlesnake1913
Giving Bill a Rest1913
The Man of Him1913
The Endless Night1913
The Evil Eye1913
All on Account of Daisy1913
The Mate of the Schooner «Sadie»1913
The Taking of Rattlesnake Bill1913
A Deal in Oil1913
A Leader of Men1913
When the Heart Changes1913
The Fiancee and the Fairy1913
The Higher Law1913
Breed of the North1913
The Two Cowards1913
The Counterfeiter's Fate1913
The Scarf Pin1913
The Special Officer1913
The Actress and Her Jewels1913
A Mexican Tragedy1913
The Love of Beauty1913
Fashion's Toy1913
To Love and Cherish1913
The Hills of Strife1913
Playing with Fire1913
In the Toils1913
In the Southland1913
The Road to the Dawn1913
Trimming a Boob1913
The Engaging Kid1913
His Last Crooked Deal1913
His Conscience1913
On the Dumb Waiter1913
Her Wooden Leg1913
A Tenderfoot Hero1913
The Burning Rivet1913
Black Beauty1913
Mary's Temptation1913
Over the Crib1913
Into the Light1913
The Outlaw's Gratitude1913
When Tony Pawned Louisa1913
Her Husband's Wife1913
The Camera's Testimony1913
Getting Married1913
The Message of the Rose1913
The New Gown1913
The Fatal Scar1913
A Dash for Liberty1913
The Call of the Heart1913
The Widow's Wiles1913
The Price Demanded1913
The Exile1913
Home, Sweet Home1913
The Benefactor1913
An Actor's Strategy1913
Jim's Reward1913
When Mary Married1913
The Apache Kid1913
Her Only Boy1913
On Her Wedding Day1913
Building a Trust1913
When Love Loses Out1913
A Hero Among Men1913
The Profits of the Business1913
His Niece from Ireland1913
The Waiter's Strategy1913
The Angel of the Slums1913
Her Husband's Picture1913
The Penalty of Crime1913
Her Atonement1913
Bob Buys an Auto1913
The Other Woman1913
At the Telephone1913
The Zulu King1913
Rustic Hearts1913
From Ignorance to Light1913
His Redemption1913
A Father's Love1913
The Weaker Mind1913
Out of the Beast a Man Was Born1913
Silence for Silence1913
The Wine of Madness1913
Papita's Destiny1913
Nearly in Mourning1913
Violet Dare, Detective1913
The Legend of Lovers Leap1913
The Great Pearl1913
The Accusing Hand1913
The Penalty of Jealousy1913
Bob Builds a Chicken House1913
Kate the Cop1913
A Jealous Husband1913
A Woman's Heart1913
Lone Dog, the Faithful1913
The Faith of a Girl1913
A Romance of the Ozarks1913
Love and War in Mexico1913
Doing Like Daisy1913
Brightened Sunsets1913
His First Experience1913
Detective Dot1913
A Perilous Ride1913
The District Attorney's Conscience1913
Kidnapping Father1913
Margaret's Painting1913
The Breed of the West1913
Longing for a Mother1913
The Padre's Strategy1913
Lucky Cohen1913
A Ten Acre Gold Brick1913
A Girl Spy in Mexico1913
The Paymaster1913
A Mock Marriage1913
She Must Be Ugly1913
Hattie's New Hat1913
The Judgment of the Deep1913
Pedro's Treachery1913
Clarence at the Theater1913
Fixing Auntie Up1913
The Girl Back East1913
The Veil of Sleep1913
Through Many Trials1913
In the Harem of Haschem1913
The Birthmark1913
The End of the Quest1913
Diamond Cut Diamond1913
The School Principal1913
Sunshine Sue1913
A Slight Mistake1913
A Florida Romance1913
Baby's New Pin1913
The Power of the Cross1913
Beating Mother to It1913
The Right Road1913
The Pawned Bracelet1913
One on Romance1913
Minnie the Widow1913
Pete Tries the Stage1913
The Split Nugget1913
The Indestructible Mr. Jenks1913
Angel Cake and Axle Grease1913
The Magic Shoes1913
The Toll of Fear1913
For His Child's Sake1913
The Evil One1913
His Widow1913
Collecting the Bill1913
The Burden Bearer1913
A False Friend1913
Shipping a Clock1913
The Fake Soldiers1913
Women of the Desert1913
In the Land of the Cactus1913
Heroes One and All1913
The Gift of the Storm1913
Memories of His Youth1913
The Fixer1913
The Moonshiner's Wife1913
Pete, the Artist1913
Friend John1913
Tamandra, the Gypsy1913
Mr. Jinks Buys a Dress1913
Jim the Burglar1913
Dolores' Decision1913
The Heart Brokers1913
An Adventure on the Mexican Border1913
Sixes and Nines1913
Jane's Waterloo1913
When John Brought Home His Wife1913
A Lucky Chance1913
The Soul of a Rose1913
Pete Joins the Force1913
Until We Three Meet Again1913
His Children1913
Will Willie Win?1913
On the Mountain Ranch1913
The First Prize1913
The First Prize1913
Auntie's Affinity1913
Doctor Maxwell's Experiment1913
The Supreme Sacrifice1913
The Female Detective1913
The Teacher at Rockville1913
Art and Honor1913
Annie Rowley's Fortune1913
The Engraver1913
Wild Man for a Day1913
The Lost Son1913
Training a Tightwad1913
The Mayor's Waterloo1913
The Regeneration of Nancy1913
The Rest Cure1913
The Higher Duty1913
Down on the Rio Grande1913
The Twilight of Her Life1913
The Miser1913
A Motor-Boat Party1913
The Lost Note1913
Private Smith1913
The House in the Woods1913
What's in a Name?1913
She Must Elope1913
On the Threshold1913
Девушка из Сансет Пасс / The Girl of the Sunset Pass1913
The Guiding Light1913
The Insurance Agent1913
Making a Baseball Bug1913
Pizen Pete1913
The Old Oaken Bucket1913
Who Is the Savage?1913
Literature and Love1913
The Girl and the Gambler1913
Fooling Their Wives1913
The Mexican Spy1913
The Mexican Spy1913
It Might Have Been1913
Peter's Pledge1913
A Timely Rescue1913
The Artist's Romance1913
Stage-Struck Sally1913
An Accidental Dentist1913
Courageous Blood1913
Знак любви / The Love Token1913
Just Out of College1913
John Arthur's Trust1913
The Bravery of Dora1912
A Mother's Strategy1912
The Power of Silence1912
The Blind Cattle King1912
Once Was Enough1912
Two Boys1912
The Mountebank's Daughter1912
Home Sweet Home1912
Nora the Cook1912
Hogan vs. Schmidt1912
His Western Way1912
Madeleine's Christmas1912
Bar K Foreman1912
When Love Leads1912
Buster and the Cannibal's Child1912
His First Skate1912
The Crooked Path1912
Kitty and the Bandits1912
The Wonderful One-Horse Shay1912
Удачное падение / A Lucky Fall1912
A Soldier's Furlough1912
Locked Out1912
His Father's Choice1912
Twixt Love and Ambition1912
Борьба сердец / Struggle of Hearts1912
By the Sea1912
Помощники на ранчо / Ranch Mates1912
The Stroke Oar1912
Satin and Gingham1912
The Samaritan of Coogan's Tenement1912
The Stolen Symphony1912
The Drummer1912
Taming Their Parents1912
Love and Treachery1912
The Good for Nothing1912
Chief White Eagle1912
Suitors and Suitcases1912
The Country School Teacher1912
The Country School Teacher1912
At the Rainbow's End1912
The Way of the Mountains1912
The Water Rats1912
The Substitute Heiress1912
Juan and Juanita1912
The Family Next Door1912
Fixing a Flirt1912
The Heavenly Voice1912
Парсон Джеймс / Parson James1912
An Irish Girl's Love1912
The Forest Ranger1912
Down with the Men1912
The Old Chess Players1912
In the Service of the State1912
Just Maine Folk1912
Caught Bluffing1912
The Sporting Editor1912
Meeting Mamie's Mother1912
Red Saunders' Sacrifice1912
Gentleman Joe1912
The Cringer1912
The Players1912
The Moonshiner's Daughter1912
The Last Rose of Summer1912
The Physician of Silver Gulch1912
The Amateur Iceman1912
A Girl's Bravery1912
The Doctor's Debt1912
Buster and the Gypsies1912
Swimming and Life Saving1912
The Renegades1912
A Gay Time in Quebec1912
His Pair of Pants1912
No Trespassing1912
A Child's Devotion1912
When Father Had His Way1912
A Trustee of the Law1912
Buster and the Pirates1912
Betty and the Roses1912
A Red Hot Courtship1912
A Little Family Affair1912
A Romance of the Coast1912
The Bank Cashier1912
The Overworked Bookkeeper1912
For the Love of a Girl1912
The New Ranch Foreman1912
The Convalescent1912
The Deputy's Peril1912
Baseball Industry1912
The Stubbornness of Youth1912
The Minister and the Outlaw1912
The Missing Finger1912
Buster in Nodland1912
Песчаная буря / The Sand Storm1912
A Prize Package1912
Совесть детектива / The Detective's Conscience1912
The Two Gun Sermon1912
The Derelict's Return1912
A Farmer's Son1912
The Divine Solution1912
The Shepherd's Flute1912
Награда рейнджера / The Ranger's Reward1912
Buster's Dream1912
The Uninvited Guest1912
Honor Thy Father1912
The Sheriff's Daughter1912
The Stolen Ring1912
Предательство полукровки / The Halfbreed's Treachery1912
The Back Window1912
Just Pretending1912
A Child's Prayer1912
The Prize Essay1912
The Spoiled Child1912
The Tramp Elephant1912
The New Physician1912
Over the Divide1912
The Runaways1912
Неблагодарный / The Ingrate1912
The Widow Casey's Return1912
The Choir of Densmore1912
Her Gift1912
An Indian's Gratitude1912
Fire and Straw1912
A Windy Day1912
A Husband's Awakening1912
The Dream of a Moving Picture Director1912
A Romance of the Border1912
The Honeymooners1912
The Puppet's Hour1912
The Dream of a Lobster Fiend1912
A Bachelor's Waterloo1912
Darby and Joan1912
The Railroad Engineer1912
Honor and the Sword1912
Just Married1912
All in the Wash1912
The Wooden Bowl1912
The Violin's Message1912
Соленая шахта / The Salted Mine1912
Won by Waiting1912
A Leap Year Lottery Prize1912
The Lost Dog1912
A Complicated Campaign1912
A New Beginning1912
A Gay Time in Jacksonville Florida1912
The Lover's Signal1912
The Little Sister1912
The Reformation of Kid Hogan1912
Shall Never Hunger1912
Hello, Central!1912
Tim and Jim1912
Rice and Old Shoes1912
A College Girl1912
The New Constable1912
The Preacher and the Gossip1912
The Price of a Silver Fox1912
Мать его жены / His Wife's Mother1912
Wifey's Ma Comes Back1912
Материнская любовь / Mother Love1912
Препятствие / The Handicap1912
My Princess1912
Мексиканские ухаживания / A Mexican Courtship1912
Betty and the Doctor1912
Love and Tears1912
A Matter of Business1912
Her Heart's Refuge1912