Роберт Уокер - фильмография


Новый год в деревне Глухарево2010
Однажды в апреле / Sometimes in April2005
Святоша / Holy Man1998
С Земли на Луну / From the Earth to the Moon1998
Hostile Takeover1997
Все говорят, что я люблю тебя / Everyone Says I Love You1996
Джек Тиллмэн: Выживший / The Survivalist1987
The Revolt of Mother1986
Heated Vengeance1985
Долгая Страстная пятница / The Long Good Friday1979
Goldtown Ghost Riders1953
The Old West1952
Незнакомцы в поезде / Strangers on a Train1951
Техас никогда не плачет / Texans Never Cry1951
Streets of Ghost Town1950
Mule Train1950
Riders in the Sky1949
Bandits of El Dorado1949
The Last Round-up1947
The Fighting Frontiersman1946
Two-Fisted Stranger1946
Badman's Territory1946
Texas Panhandle1945
Song of the Prairie1945
The Return of the Durango Kid1945
Riders of the Deadline1943
Ghost Town Law1942
Today I Hang1942
The Return of Daniel Boone1941
Wild Horse Valley1940
The Lone Wolf Strikes1940
Pioneer Days1940
El Diablo Rides1939
The Pal from Texas1939
Мистер Смит едет в Вашингтон / Mr. Smith Goes to Washington1939
Давайте жить / Let Us Live1939
Code of the Cactus1939
Сокрушение шпионской организации / Smashing the Spy Ring1938
Rollin' Plains1938
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok1938
The Secret of Treasure Island1938
When G-Men Step In1938
West of Rainbow's End1938
The Mysterious Pilot1937
Sky Racket1937
Sky Racket1937
SOS: Береговая охрана / SOS Coast Guard1937
Это не может длиться вечно / It Can't Last Forever1937
Two-Fisted Sheriff1937
Hollywood Cowboy1937
Gunsmoke Ranch1937
Woman in Distress1937
Step on It1936
Adventure in Manhattan1936
The Black Coin1936
The Vigilantes Are Coming1936
Two-Fisted Gentleman1936
Час финала / The Final Hour1936
Aces and Eights1936
The Speed Reporter1936
Под двумя флагами / Under Two Flags1936
Удивительные подвиги сжатой руки / The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand1936
Caryl of the Mountains1936
Hair-Trigger Casey1936
Fast Bullets1936
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell1936
Custer's Last Stand1936
Skull and Crown1935
Texas Jack1935
Midnight Phantom1935
Never Too Late1935
The Ivory-Handled Gun1935
Мэри Бернс, беглянка / Mary Burns, Fugitive1935
The Live Wire1935
The Throwback1935
Outlawed Guns1935
Now or Never1935
The Laramie Kid1935
Border Brigands1935
The Silver Bullet1935
Fighting Caballero1935
Million Dollar Haul1935
The Pecos Kid1935
Born to Battle1935
The Crimson Trail1935
Tracy Rides1935
Wolf Riders1935
Wolf Riders1935
Coyote Trails1935
Loser's End1935
Mystery Mountain1934
Terror of the Plains1934
Prescott Kid1934
Thunder Over Texas1934
Rocky Rhodes1934
Monte Carlo Nights1934
Arizona Nights1934
Mystery Ranch1934
След в полыни / Sagebrush Trail1933
Girl Trouble1933
Jaws of Justice1933
The Trail Drive1933
The Fiddlin' Buckaroo1933
King of the Arena1933
The Lone Avenger1933
Phantom Thunderbolt1933
Tombstone Canyon1932
The Devil Horse1932
Between Fighting Men1932
Come On, Tarzan1932
Dynamite Ranch1932
Алая марка / The Scarlet Brand1932
Border Devils1932
Человек из Нью-Мексико / The Man from New Mexico1932
Hell-Fire Austin1932
The Sunset Trail1932
Headin' for Trouble1931
The Kid from Arizona1931
Sign of the Wolf1931
Pueblo Terror1931
The Mystery Trooper1931
West of Cheyenne1931
Westward Bound1930
Canyon Hawks1930
Ridin' Law1930
The Fighting Legion1930
Bar-L Ranch1930
The Voice from the Sky1930
Мелодия мечты / The Dream Melody1929
The Code of the Scarlet1928
The Code of the Scarlet1928
The Upland Rider1928
The Mysterious Airman1928
The Spider's Net1927
The Gallant Fool1926
The Silent Flyer1926
A Daughter of the Sioux1925
Tonio, Son of the Sierras1925
The Mystery Box1925
The Drug Store Cowboy1925
The Rip Snorter1925
Battling Brewster1924
Why Women Remarry1923
Itching Palms1923
The Woman in His House1922
White Oak1921
Техасец / The Texan1920
Prairie Trails1920
Isobel or The Trail's End1920
Shore Acres1920
Rouge and Riches1920
The Lion Man1919
The Double Hold-Up1919
The Merry-Go-Round1919
Burglar by Proxy1919
The Sins of the Children1918
The Woman Who Gave1918
Miss Innocence1918
The Whirlpool1918
The Fair Pretender1918
At the Mercy of Men1918
Blue Jeans1917
Blue Jeans1917
The Girl Without a Soul1917
Aladdin's Other Lamp1917
Lady Barnacle1917
God's Law and Man's1917
The Mortal Sin1917
The Cossack Whip1916
The Gates of Eden1916
The Light of Happiness1916
Caprice of the Mountains1916
The Littlest Magdalene1916
The Sufferin' Baby1915
His Wife's Sweetheart1915
Дети Евы / Children of Eve1915
The Parson's Button Matcher1915
The Little Saleslady1915
The Ploughshare1915
When Conscience Sleeps1915
The Call of the City1915
The Way Back1915
Дон Сезар де Базан / Don Caesar de Bazan1915
The Bondwoman1915
When the Mind Sleeps1915
The Haunting Fear1915
Wife for Wife1915
The Lure of Mammon1915
A Sister's Burden1915
An Innocent Sinner1915
The Destroyer1915
The Haunted House of Wild Isle1915
Лицо Мадонны / The Face of the Madonna1915
The Second Commandment1915
The Siren's Reign1915
The Scorpion's Sting1915
The Barefoot Boy1914
The Hate That Withers1914
Her Bitter Lesson1914
A Midnight Tragedy1914
The False Guardian1914
Seed and the Harvest1914
The Viper1914
The Mystery of the Sleeping Death1914
The Devil's Dansant1914
The Old Army Coat1914
The Vampire's Trail1914
In Wolf's Clothing1914
The Treasure Ship1914
The Strike1913
A Railroader's Warning1913
The Railroad Detective's Dilemma1913
Dear Old Girl1913
The End of the Run1913
The Railroad Inspector's Peril1913
The Sacrifice at the Spillway1913
The Moonshiner's Mistake1913
Rounding Up the Counterfeiters1913


Мгновение в июне / A Moment in June2008
Bicycles & Radios2004


Братец медвежонок / Brother Bear2003


Million Dollar Haul1935
Tex Takes a Holiday1932
The Kid from Arizona1931