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Жорж Орик

Georges Auric

As a young musician, Auric became friends with Erik Satie, he studied under D'Indy and attended the Paris Conservatory. He became a member of the group known as "Les Six" including Milhaud, Poulenc, Honegger, Tailleferre and Durey. He was a music critic for a time and of course a composer. His early works were largely in a classical vein, for concert performances, opera and ballet. His membership of Lex Six brought him into contact with Jean Cocteau (at that time a playwright) and that relationship led to writing settings of poetry and other texts as songs and musicals. When Cocteau turned to film making, it was natural that Auric would also turn to film music.

He wrote soundtracks for a large number of French films before finding work across the Channel which quickly led to his becoming the resident composer for the series of films commonly known as the "Ealing Comedies" after the studio which produced them. Since these films are widely known and fondly remembered among English speakers, the name of Auric is most closely associated with these films and this is why we have dubbed Auric ... »

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СМотри-но • 28.02.2018 в 15:25
Забавно - !

- Конечно я понял, что он известный композитор и музыка для кино не была основной его деятельностью. Всё таки может переведёте для всеобщего ознакомления с творчеством мастера, который красивую музыку писал - !

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