Рэй Галлахер - фильмография


Энола Гэй и атомная бомбардировка Японии / Enola Gay and the Atomic Bombing of Japan1995
Song of the Trail1936
Riddle Ranch1935
The Judgement Book1935
The Lone Bandit1935
Sinners' Holiday1930
Half a Bride1929
The Trail of '981928
His Divorced Wife1919
Her Husband's Wife1916
Love and Brass Buttons1916
Never Lie to Your Wife1916
His Wooden Leg1916
His Neighbor's Wife1916
Putting Her Foot in It1916
How Times Do Change1916
He Almost Eloped1916
The Janitor's Busy Day1916
Across the Hall1916
Their Only Son1916
The Lion's Breath1916
The Disappearing Groom1916
Her Steady Carfare1916
The Boy the Girl and the Auto1916
Blackmail in a Hospital1915
Her Speedy Affair1915
Keeping It Dark1915
The Road to Paradise1915
Operating on Cupid1915
When a Queen Loved O'Rourke1915
Saved by a Skirt1915
When Father Was the Goat1915
The Palace of Dust1915
The New Adventures of Terence O'Rourke1915
A Looney Love Affair1915
Father's Lucky Escape1915
Those Kids and Cupid1915
Father's Helping Hand1915
Circumstantial Scandal1915
The Frame-Up on Dad1915
A One Cylinder Courtship1915
And the Best Man Won1915
The Lilt of Love1915
A Mountain Melody1915
One Man's Evil1915
The Heart of Cerise1915
Шипы и розы / Roses and Thorns1915
Unlike Other Girls1915
A Man and His Money1915
Maid of the Mist1915
Любовь к Мэри Уэст / The Love of Mary West1915
The Recoil1915
An Obstinate Sheriff1915
Their Island of Happiness1915
The King and the Man1914
The Empire of Illusion1914
Her Life's Story1914
Universal Ike in Three of a Kind1914
Universal Ike in the Neglected Wife1914
Universal Ike Junior in the «Dear» Hunter1914
A Modern Melnotte1914
The Angel of the Camp1914
The Storm Bird1914
The Barnstormers1914
The Barnstormers1914
The Hunchback of Cedar Lodge1914
The Pearl of the Sea1914
The Mystery of Wickham Hall1914
The Brand of Cain1914
The Masked Rider1914
Heart Strings1914
The Hills of Silence1914
The Transformation of Prudence1914
The Intrigue1914
When Brothers Go to War1913
A Mexican Tragedy1913
Playing with Fire1913
A Tenderfoot Hero1913
Black Beauty1913
Honor Thy Mother1913
Molly's Mistake1913
A Tale of Old Tahiti1913
Judgment of the Sea1912
История узника / The Prisoner's Story1912
A Romance at Catalina1912
The Will of Destiny1912
The Cowboy Kid1912