Е.Х. Кэлверт - фильмография


Юнион Пасифик / Union Pacific1939
Ellis Island1936
The Glory Trail1936
Murder at Glen Athol1936
The Oregon Trail1936
Western Courage1935
Death from a Distance1935
Так красна роза / So Red the Rose1935
Румба / Rumba1935
Могучий Барнум / The Mighty Barnum1934
One Exciting Adventure1934
Here Comes the Groom1934
Дом Ротшильдов / The House of Rothschild1934
Утиный суп / Duck Soup1933
Сила и слава / The Power and the Glory1933
Lost in Limehouse1933
The Mysterious Rider1933
Wild Horse Mesa1932
The Conquerors1932
Кончай свои проблемы / Pack Up Your Troubles1932
Two Lips and Juleps; or, Southern Love and Northern Exposure1932
Лошадиные перья / Horse Feathers1932
The Widow from Chicago1930
Половина выстрела на рассвете / Half Shot at Sunrise1930
Из области фантастики / Let's Go Native1930
A Man from Wyoming1930
The Border Legion1930
The Social Lion1930
Ladies Love Brutes1930
Дело об убийстве Бенсона / The Benson Murder Case1930
Men Are Like That1930
Только храбрые / Only the Brave1930
The Kibitzer1930
Смыв косметику / Behind the Make-Up1930
Peacock Alley1930
Парад любви / The Love Parade1929
The Mighty1929
Вирджинец / The Virginian1929
Fast Company1929
Dark Streets1929
The Greene Murder Case1929
Громобой / Thunderbolt1929
Тайна убийства на студии / The Studio Murder Mystery1929
Blue Skies1929
Дело об убийстве канарейки / The Canary Murder Case1929
Moran of the Marines1928
Why Sailors Go Wrong1928
Легион осуждённых / The Legion of the Condemned1928
Человек без лица / The Man Without a Face1928
The Wizard1927
The First Auto1927
Новобранцы / Rookies1927
Melting Millions1927
Дом без ключа / The House Without a Key1926
Элла Синдерс / Ella Cinders1926
The Girl from Montmartre1926
The Talker1925
К востоку от Суэца / East of Suez1925
Инез из Голливуда / Inez from Hollywood1924
Why Men Leave Home1924
The Silent Partner1923
His Moral Code1916
According to the Code1916
Beyond the Law1916
Vultures of Society1916
A Daughter of the City1915
Reckoning Day1915
The Crimson Wing1915
The Clutch of Circumstance1915
The Secret's Price1915
A Lesson in Romance1915
The Profligate1915
The Snow-Burner1915
The Turn of the Wheel1915
The Fable of the Struggle Between Personal Liberty and the Wave of Reform1915
The Dance at Aleck Fontaine's1915
A Romance of the Night1915
Third Hand High1915
The Showman1914
Blood Will Tell1914
His Dearest Foes1914
The Unplanned Elopement1914
A Splendid Dishonor1914
Under Royal Patronage1914
Her Trip to New York1914
One Wonderful Night1914
Trinkets of Tragedy1914
Finger Prints1914
Ashes of Hope1914
The Spirit of the Madonna1914
In the Moon's Ray1914
The Counter-Melody1914
The Grip of Circumstance1914
The Hour and the Man1914
The Great Game1913
Life's Weaving1913
The Heart of the Law1913
The Pay as You Enter Man1913
The Pay as You Enter Man1913
The Brand of Evil1913
Quicksands of Sin1913
Three Scraps of Paper1913
A Matter of Dress1913
A Ray of God's Sunshine1913
In Convict Garb1913
Женщины / Women1913
Grist to the Mill1913
Broken Threads United1913
The Love Theft1913
The Power of Conscience1913
The World Above1913
King Robert of Sicily1913
Tapped Wires1913
The Sign1913
A Brother's Loyalty1913
The Mysterious Stranger1913
The Final Judgment1913
Into the North1913
A Woman's Way1913
The Price of Gold1913
The Misjudging of Mr. Hubby1913
Identical Identities1913
Odd Knotts1913
Hypnotism in Hicksville1913
The Melburn Confession1913
What George Did1913
The Road of Transgression1913
Love Through a Lens1912
Bill Mixes with His Relations1912
Giuseppe's Good Fortune1912
The Shadow of the Cross1912
The Stain1912
Billy McGrath's Art Career1912
Mr. Up's Trip Tripped Up1912
The House of Pride1912
From the Submerged1912
A Money?1912
The Fisherman's Luck1912
Bringing Father Around1912
The Snare1912
Not on the Circus Program1912
Terrible Teddy1912
The Redemption of Slivers1912
A Little Louder, Please!1912
Billy McGrath's Love Letters1912
The Voice of Conscience1912
Back to the Old Farm1912


The Showman1914


Meddling with Marriage1917
The Wifeless Husband1917
The Pallid Dawn1917
The Pulse of Madness1917
The Extravagant Bride1917
Ashes on the Hearthstone1917
Desertion and Non-Support1917
Shifting Shadows1917
The Magic Mirror1917
The Sinful Marriage1917
The Wide, Wrong Way1917
When the Man Speaks1917
Wife in Sunshine1916
Dancing with Folly1916
The Burning Band1916
His Moral Code1916
Money to Burn1916
When Justice Won1916
According to the Code1916
The Last Adventure1916
Beyond the Law1916
Vultures of Society1916
A Daughter of the City1915
Reckoning Day1915
The Crimson Wing1915
The Outer Edge1915
The Reaping1915
The Circular Path1915
Tish's Spy1915
The Man Trail1915
Mind Over Motor1915
The Cave on Thunder Cloud1915
Jane of the Soil1915
A Dignified Family1915
The Clutch of Circumstance1915
The Slim Princess1915
Means and Morals1915
Home Coming1915
The Snow-Burner1915
The Wood Nymph1915
Third Hand High1915
The Showman1914
Blood Will Tell1914
His Dearest Foes1914
The Unplanned Elopement1914
In the Glare of the Lights1914
A Splendid Dishonor1914
The Plum Tree1914
Sparks of Fate1914
Under Royal Patronage1914
The Masked Wrestler1914
One Wonderful Night1914
In the Moon's Ray1914
The Other Girl1914
The Grip of Circumstance1914
The Hour and the Man1914


Vultures of Society1916
Blood Will Tell1914