Чарльз Веллесли - фильмография


The Stolen Bride1927
College Days1926
Несвятая троица / The Unholy Three1925
The Half-Way Girl1925
Затерянный мир / The Lost World1925
The Perfect Flapper1924
The Perfect Flapper1924
The Wolf Man1924
Enemies of Children1923
The Acquittal1923
Alias the Night Wind1923
Don't Marry for Money1923
Legally Dead1923
By Right of Purchase1923
Отверженные / Outcast1922
The Rapids1922
The Silver Lining1921
The American Way1919
Her Mistake1918
The Heart of a Girl1918
The Purple Lily1918
The Richest Girl1918
The Song of Songs1918
Madame Jealousy1918
Семь смертных грехов / The Seven Deadly Sins1917
Richard the Brazen1917
Бедная маленькая богатая девочка / The Poor Little Rich Girl1917
Просто песня в сумерках / Just a Song at Twilight1916
The Daring of Diana1916
The Hero of Submarine D-21916
The Hunted Woman1916
The Writing on the Wall1916
From Out of the Past1916
The Wrong Mr. Wright1916
The Island of Surprise1916
Green Stockings1916
The Unforgiven1915
Hearts Ablaze1915
Life's Yesterdays1915
The Hand of God1915
The Goddess1915
A Fortune Hunter1915
A Wireless Rescue1915
The Battle of Frenchman's Run1915
The Lady of the Lighthouse1915
Hearts and the Highway1915
The Knight Before Christmas1914
The Man Behind the Door1914
On the Stroke of Five1914
His Unknown Girl1914
Rainy, the Lion Killer1914
Private Dennis Hogan1914
Моя официальная жена / My Official Wife1914
The Countess Veschi's Jewels1914
The Awakening of Barbara Dare1914
Tangled Tangoists1914
Love, Luck and Gasoline1914
Chanler Rao, Criminal Expert1914
An Officer and a Gentleman1914
The Mischief Maker1914
The Lucky Elopement1914
Timing Cupid1914
Bunny's Mistake1914
Diana's Dress Reform1914
The Misadventures of a Mighty Monarch1914
The Ancient Order of Good Fellows1913
Betty in the Lions' Den1913
The Diver1913
Matrimonial Manoeuvres1913
The Clown and the Prima Donna1913