Fanny Midgley - фильмография


Итальянец / The Italian2008
Американская трагедия / An American Tragedy1931
Behind Closed Doors1929
Непослушный ребёнок / Naughty Baby1928
Flyin' Buckaroo1928
Ace of Action1926
The Dangerous Dub1926
The Fighting Cheat1926
Three Wise Crooks1925
Marry Me1925
Алчность / Greed1924
Stephen Steps Out1923
Wasted Lives1923
Молодой раджа / The Young Rajah1922
Первая любовь / First Love1921
The Jucklins1921
Always Audacious1920
The Lottery Man1919
The Heart of Youth1919
The Man Beneath1919
The Vigilantes1918
Как ты могла, Джин? / How Could You, Jean?1918
Cheating the Public1918
Wolves of the Rail1918
Madam Who1918
Jim Grimsby's Boy1916
Где-то во Франции / Somewhere in France1916
Plain Jane1916
The Apostle of Vengeance1916
Цивилизация / Civilization1916
The Waifs1916
The Man from Oregon1915
The Heart of Jabez Flint1915
The Promoter1915
The Tide of Fortune1915
«Bad Buck» of Santa Ynez1915
The Operator at Big Sandy1915
The Alien1915
The Phantom of the Hearth1915
In the Warden's Garden1915
The Gun Fighter1915
The Cross of Fire1915
The Mills of the Gods1914
The Cross in the Desert1914
The Golden Goose1914
The Sheriff of Muscatine1914
The Boss of the 8th1914
No-Account Smith's Baby1914
The Silver Candlesticks1914
Когда Америка была молода / When America Was Young1914
The Curse of Humanity1914
The Latent Spark1914
Bad Buck of Santa Ynez1914
Shorty Escapes Marriage1914
For the Wearing of the Green1914
The Courtship of O San1914
A New England Idyl1914
Romance of Sunshine Alley1914
It's a Bear!1914
An Accidental Baby1914
A Swell Dish1914
The Tale of a Shirt1914
The Sign of the Snake1913
Flood Tide1913
Honor Thy Mother1913
A Man Worthwhile1912
Бессмертный Аламо / The Immortal Alamo1911