Эдвард Лекси - фильмография


Человек, который не мог говорить / The Man Who Wouldn't Talk1958
История Эстер Костелло / The Story of Esther Costello1957
Восход луны / The Rising of the Moon1957
The March Hare1956
Мистер Питкин: Вверх тормашками / Up in the World1956
Where There's a Will1955
Капитан Лайтфут / Captain Lightfoot1955
Приказ есть приказ / Orders Are Orders1954
Miss Robin Hood1953
You're Only Young Twice1952
The Happy Family1952
The Smart Aleck1951
The Lady with a Lamp1951
The Twenty Questions Murder Mystery1950
It's Not Cricket1949
Золотая стрела / Golden Arrow1949
Children of Chance1949
For Them That Trespass1949
Bonnie Prince Charlie1948
Привлекательный мальчик / The Winslow Boy1948
Хранитель моего брата / My Brother's Keeper1948
Good-Time Girl1948
Бланш Фьюри / Blanche Fury1948
The Mark of Cain1947
The Ghosts of Berkeley Square1947
Captain Boycott1947
The Green Cockatoo1947
Гавань искушения / Temptation Harbour1947
School for Secrets1946
A Girl in a Million1946
Piccadilly Incident1946
Орден для генерала / Medal for the General1944
Under Secret Orders1943
Night Journey1942
The Terror1941
Spare a Copper1941
Old Bill and Son1941
Dangerous Comment1940
Traitor Spy1940
This Man in Paris1940
Mrs. Pym of Scotland Yard1940
Гордая долина / The Proud Valley1940
Too Dangerous to Live1939
Вся банда в сборе / The Gang's All Here1939
This Man Is News1939
The Outsider1939
Second Best Bed1938
Many Tanks Mr. Atkins1938
The White Chateau1938
Sixty Glorious Years1938
The Ascent of F61938
Kate Plus Ten1938
South Riding1938
Развод леди Икс / The Divorce of Lady X1938
Smash and Grab1937
Action for Slander1937
Рыцарь без доспехов / Knight Without Armour1937
Farewell Again1937
Мадемуазель врач / Mademoiselle Docteur1937