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Фред Аллен

Fred Allen

Fred Allen (Fred St. James, Fred James, Freddie James). Born John Florence Sullivan in Cambridge, Massachussetts, U.S., 31 May 1894. Married Portland Hoffa, 1928. Served in Army, World War I. Began performing on stage as an amateur teenage juggler, eventually adding patter and turning pro with the billing of the "World's Worst Juggler"; for ten years as humorist toured the vaudeville circuit, including 14 months in Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and Honolulu, 1914-15; dropped juggling, settled on the professional name of "Fred Allen," and moved up from vaudeville to Broadway revues, early 1920s; worked on radio, notably Allen's Alley and Texaco Star Theatre, from 1932; a panel regular on the television quiz show What's My Line?, 1955-56. Died in New York City, 17 March 1956.


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