Джозеф Белмонт - фильмография


Stage Struck1936
Trailin' West1936
Bengal Tiger1936
Keystone Hotel1935
The Human Fish1932
Дантист / The Dentist1932
The Spider1931
Painted Faces1929
Blondes by Choice1927
Царь царей / The King of Kings1927
Young April1926
A Flaming Affair1926
Slippery Feet1925
Призрак оперы / The Phantom of the Opera1925
Home Talent1921
Dabbling in Art1921
White Youth1920
Don't Weaken!1920
Great Scott!1920
By Golly!1920
Down on the Farm1920
The Star Boarder1920
The Speakeasy1919
His Last False Step1919
Back to the Kitchen1919
The Dentist1919
Treating 'Em Rough1919
Trying to Get Along1919
Hearts and Flowers1919
No Mother to Guide Him1919
The Little Widow1919
Reilly's Wash Day1919
Yankee Doodle in Berlin1919
Never Too Old1919
Ее первая ошибка / Her First Mistake1918
Whose Little Wife Are You?1918
Beware of Boarders1918
The Return of Mary1918
Up Romance Road1918
A Good Elk1918
A Sanitarium Scandal1917
Two Crooks1917
Skidding Hearts1917
Oriental Love1917
Secrets of a Beauty Parlor1917
Her Circus Knight1917
Dollars and Sense1916
A la Cabaret1916
Wings and Wheels1916
The Love Comet1916
A Bath House Blunder1916
Wife and Auto Trouble1916
Better Late Than Never1916
Мученики Аламо / Martyrs of the Alamo1915
Your Baby and Mine1915
Ethel Gets Consent1915
Music Hath Charms1915
A Flurry in Art1915
A Flurry in Art1915
A Lucky Disappointment1914
The Joke on Yellentown1914
Her Brave Hero1914
Mr. Hadley's Uncle1914
A Corner in Hats1914
Out Again, in Again1914
Ethel's Roof Party1914
Dizzy Joe's Career1914
Back to the Kitchen1914
Bill Spoils a Vacation1914
Bill Organizes a Union1914
Ethel's Teacher1914
Leave It to Smiley1914
How Bill Squared It with His Boss1914
Bill's Job1914
The White Slave Catchers1914
Hubby to the Rescue1914
The Last Drink of Whiskey1914
An Exciting Courtship1914
Nell's Eugenic Wedding1914
Si Puts One Over1914
Victims of Speed1914
After Her Dough1914
A Strange Bird1914
The Shadow of a Crime1914
A Midnight Scare1914
Baldy Is a Wise Old Bird1913
A Woman's Revenge1913
The Installment Plan Marriage1913
The Convict's Daughter1913
Baldy Belmont Lands a Society Job1913
The Cabaret Singer1913
Baldy Belmont Wins the Prize1913
When Duty Calls1913
It's a Shame to Take the Money1913
Baldy Belmont Wanted a Wife1913
Baldy Belmont as a Roman Gladiator1913
Baldy Belmont and the Old Maid1913
The Hall-Room Girls1913
Squaring Things with Wifey1913
Mixed Bottles1912


Back to the Kitchen1919
The Balance1915