Лью Келли - фильмография


По долгу службы / Line of Duty (сериал)2012- ..
Строго конфиденциально / Strictly Confidential2006
Cutting It2002
Fat Friends2000
Гавана / Havana1990
Школа зомби / Zombie High1987
Малыш-мотоциклист / The Dirt Bike Kid1985
Кодекс молчания / Code of Silence1985
The Broken Horseshoe1960
Two Knights from Brooklyn1957
Эксперимент Куотермасса / The Quatermass Experiment (сериал)1953
Доблестный Пимпернал / The Elusive Pimpernel1950
Bonnie Prince Charlie1948
Возьми мою жизнь / Take My Life1947
Джентльмен побережья Барбари / Barbary Coast Gent1944
Приключения Марка Твена / The Adventures of Mark Twain1944
Weekend Pass1944
Keep 'Em Slugging1944
Beautiful But Broke1944
To Heir Is Human1944
Swingtime Johnny1943
The Mad Ghoul1943
Crazy House1943
Footlight Glamour1943
So's Your Uncle1943
Danger! Women at Work1943
The Falcon in Danger1943
Война в Северной Атлантике / Action in the North Atlantic1943
Леди из бурлеска / Lady of Burlesque1943
Taxi, Mister1943
Behind the Eight Ball1942
Cooks and Crooks1942
В старой Калифорнии / In Old California1942
Jesse James, Jr.1942
Sleepytime Gal1942
Road Agent1941
Дерзкий Сокол / The Gay Falcon1941
Кабак / Honky Tonk1941
Всё началось с Евы / It Started with Eve1941
Last of the Duanes1941
Unexpected Uncle1941
Свадьба доктора Килдара / Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day1941
Host to a Ghost1941
Cyclone on Horseback1941
Санни / Sunny1941
Footlight Fever1941
Большое ограбление поезда / The Great Train Robbery1941
Lucky Devils1941
След линчевателей / Trail of the Vigilantes1940
The Border Legion1940
Ее по-прежнему преследует негодяй / The Villain Still Pursued Her1940
Человек с запада / The Westerner1940
Anne of Windy Poplars1940
Lucky Cisco Kid1940
Дети на продажу / Babies for Sale1940
Alias the Deacon1940
20 Mule Team1940
Saga of Death Valley1939
Thunder Afloat1939
Colorado Sunset1939
The Spellbinder1939
The Girl and the Gambler1939
The Rookie Cop1939
Fixer Dugan1939
Panama Patrol1939
Home Boner1939
Star Reporter1939
Приключения Гекельберри Финна / The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn1939
Tough Kid1938
Flirting with Fate1938
Western Jamboree1938
Annabel Takes a Tour1938
Lawless Valley1938
Service de Luxe1938
Man from Music Mountain1938
Mother Carey's Chickens1938
Delinquent Parents1938
Gold Mine in the Sky1938
The Overland Express1938
Born to Be Wild1938
Некоторые блондинки опасны / Some Blondes Are Dangerous1937
Small Town Boy1937
All Over Town1937
Western Gold1937
Загадай желание / Make a Wish1937
Dance Charlie Dance1937
West Bound Limited1937
Wild Money1937
Forlorn River1937
Mountain Music1937
Давайте потанцуем / Shall We Dance1937
Они дали ему ружье / They Gave Him a Gun1937
It Happened Out West1937
Человек, нашедший себя / The Man Who Found Himself1937
Paradise Express1937
Они хотят жениться / They Wanted to Marry1937
Breezing Home1937
Радуга на реке / Rainbow on the River1936
Laughing at Trouble1936
The Plot Thickens1936
Манна небесная / Pennies from Heaven1936
Дикий Брайн Кент / Wild Brian Kent1936
Ellis Island1936
The Man I Marry1936
Lady Luck1936
Missing Girls1936
Crash Donovan1936
Ветры пустыни / Winds of the Wasteland1936
The Crime of Dr. Forbes1936
Трое из вида / Three of a Kind1936
Devil's Squadron1936
Feud of the West1936
Murder at Glen Athol1936
The Voice of Bugle Ann1936
Timothy's Quest1936
Роза ранчо / Rose of the Rancho1936
Возвращение одинокого волка / The Lone Wolf Returns1935
In Person1935
Ship Cafe1935
Fighting Youth1935
Death from a Distance1935
Wanderer of the Wasteland1935
Diamond Jim1935
The Affair of Susan1935
Annapolis Farewell1935
Человек на летающей трапеции / Man on the Flying Trapeze1935
Society Fever1935
Society Fever1935
The Nitwits1935
Hit and Rum1935
Поездка в город / Goin' to Town1935
Circumstantial Evidence1935
His Bridal Sweet1935
The County Chairman1935
Адская земля / Helldorado1935
Sing Sing Nights1934
Fixing a Stew1934
Port of Lost Dreams1934
Something Simple1934
Take the Stand1934
The Human Side1934
Fifteen Wives1934
Старомодный путь / The Old Fashioned Way1934
Honor of the Range1934
Глядя на неприятности / Looking for Trouble1934
Шестеро одинаковых / Six of a Kind1934
Шестеро одинаковых / Six of a Kind1934
The Meanest Gal in Town1934
King for a Night1933
Girl Without a Room1933
Tillie and Gus1933
Stage Mother1933
Леди на один день / Lady for a Day1933
Man of the Forest1933
Strange People1933
The Nuisance1933
Габриэль над Белым домом / Gabriel Over the White House1933
Честное слово девушки / Parole Girl1933
State Trooper1933
Тяжело управлять / Hard to Handle1933
Laughter in Hell1933
Billion Dollar Scandal1933
Afraid to Talk1932
Если бы у меня был миллион / If I Had a Million1932
Воздушная почта / Air Mail1932
The Devil Horse1932
Добродетель / Virtue1932
Once in a Lifetime1932
Кончай свои проблемы / Pack Up Your Troubles1932
Леди и Джентельмен / Lady and Gent1932
Dynamite Ranch1932
Tom Brown of Culver1932
Ночной суд / Night Court1932
Sky Bride1932
Чудесный человек / The Miracle Man1932
Scandal for Sale1932
The Devil Plays1931
Heaven on Earth1931
Battling with Buffalo Bill1931
Я возьму эту женщину / I Take This Woman1931
A Hollywood Theme Song1930
The Chumps1930
Radio Kisses1930
Медовый месяц Зеппелин / Honeymoon Zeppelin1930
He Trumped Her Ace1930
The Woman Racket1930
Barnum Was Right1929
The Branded Sombrero1928


The Late Great Planet Earth1979


Доблестные воины / Warriors Of Virtue1997
Клетка 2 / Cage II1994