Jules Furthman - фильмография


Пилот реактивного самолета / Jet Pilot1957


Пилот реактивного самолета / Jet Pilot1957
Colorado Pluck1921
The Blushing Bride1921
The Land of Jazz1920


Пилот реактивного самолета / Jet Pilot1957
Peking Express1951
Pretty Baby1950
Аллея кошмаров / Nightmare Alley1947
Moss Rose1947
Иметь и не иметь / To Have and Have Not1944
Вне закона / The Outlaw1943
Жестокий Шанхай / The Shanghai Gesture1941
The Way of All Flesh1940
Северо-западный проход / 'Northwest Passage' (Book I -- Rogers' Rangers)1940
Только у ангелов есть крылья / Only Angels Have Wings1939
Заза / Zaza1938
Порождение севера / Spawn of the North1938
Приди и владей / Come and Get It1936
Мятеж на Баунти / Mutiny on the Bounty1935
Моря Китая / China Seas1935
Взрывоопасная красотка / Bombshell1933
Белокурая Венера / Blonde Venus1932
Over the Hill1931
Желтый билет / The Yellow Ticket1931
Merely Mary Ann1931
Body and Soul1931
Марокко / Morocco1930
Отступники / Renegades1930
Common Clay1930
For the Defense1930
Сети зла / The Dragnet1930
New York Nights1929
Громобой / Thunderbolt1929
Дело Лены Смит / The Case of Lena Smith1929
Abie's Irish Rose1928
Город сошёл с ума / The City Gone Wild1927
Колючая проволока / Barbed Wire1927
Дорога, по которой пойдут все / The Way of All Flesh1927
Casey at the Bat1927
Отель «Империал» / Hotel Imperial1927
Pawn Ticket 2101926
Вы будете удивлены / You'd Be Surprised1926
Мудрый парень / The Wise Guy1926
Before Midnight1925
Any Woman1925
Sackcloth and Scarlet1925
Ромола / Romola1924
Try and Get It1924
The Acquittal1923
North of Hudson Bay1923
St. Elmo1923
A California Romance1922
The Love Gambler1922
Calvert's Valley1922
The Yellow Stain1922
Арабская любовь / Arabian Love1922
Gleam O'Dawn1922
The Last Trail1921
The Roof Tree1921
Singing River1921
Colorado Pluck1921
The Blushing Bride1921
The Big Punch1921
The Cheater Reformed1921
Техасец / The Texan1920
The Land of Jazz1920
The Twins of Suffering Creek1920
Would You Forgive?1920
Белый круг / The White Circle1920
The Great Redeemer1920
Остров сокровищ / Treasure Island1920
The Pleasant Devil1919
The Lincoln Highwayman1919
Six Feet Four1919
Six Feet Four1919
This Hero Stuff1919
A Sporting Chance1919
Немного лжи / Some Liar1919
Brass Buttons1919
Where the West Begins1919
When a Man Rides Alone1919
The Mantle of Charity1918
Wives and Other Wives1918
All the World to Nothing1918
Hobbs in a Hurry1918
A Japanese Nightingale1918
Up Romance Road1918
Hearts or Diamonds?1918
A Camouflage Kiss1918
Souls in Pawn1917
The Masked Heart1917
The Shackles of Truth1917
The Frame-Up1917
High Play1917
The Little Blonde in Black1915
A Fiery Introduction1915
Mountain Justice1915
Chasing the Limited1915
Chasing the Limited1915
Bound on the Wheel1915
Steady Company1915