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Миша Ауэр

Mischa Auer

Родился в Санкт-Петербурге, Россия.

Born Mischa Ounskowski in St. Petersburg, Russia November 17th 1905. Died March 5th 1967 in Rome, Italy of a heart attack. Nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in MY MAN GODFREY.

20's 1928 Something Always Happens 1929 Marquis Preferred.

30's 1930 Just Imagine. The Benson Murder Case. Inside the Lines. Paramount on Parade 1931 The Unholy Garden. Delicious. Women Love Once. The Yellow Passport 1932 Call Her Savage. The Monster Walks. Western Code. Rasputin and the Empress. No Greater Love. The Midnight Patrol. Murder at Dawn. Scarlet Dawn 1933 Tarzan the Fearless (serial). Infernal Machine. Sucker Money. Dangerously Yours. Corruption. After Midnight. Cradle Song. Girl Without a Room. Woman Condemned 1934 Crosby Case. Wharf Angel. Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back. Stamboul Quest 1935 Anna Karenina. The Adventures of Rex and Rinty (serial). Lives of a Bengal Lancer. I Dream Too Much.


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