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Нельсон Эдди

Nelson Eddy

  • Дата рождения: 29.06.1901
  • Дата смерти: 06.03.1967
  • Место рождения: Провиденс, Род-Айленд, США
  • Место смерти: Палм Бич, Флорида, США
  • Рост: 183 см.
  • Фильмов с участием: 37
  • Первый фильм: Handlebars (1933)
  • Последний фильм: The Great American Songbook (2003)
  • Написания и псевдонимы: Нелсон Эдди

Nelson Eddy was born on June 29, 1901 to parents Isabel and Bill Eddy in Providence, Rhode Island. A family of great musical background, Nelson grew up with music all around him and when times got rough, he was always able to seek music or art to help detach himself from his worries.

Born in New England, during the time puritan ethics were intact, Nelson was always concerned with being truthful and ethical and to the surprise of Nelson himself, this would cause problems later in his life (girls we flock to him in hoards, to see the handsome blonde baritone who was everyone's ideal). In fact, Jeanette MacDonald (long time partner in Hollywood), would always make fun of how the women crowded around him. Nelson would be considered a child prodigy in modern terms, he had a natural affinity for art, music, language, and really loved to read, in doing so he was always educating himself. Always a perfectionist, giving his heart and his best into everything he did.

Surprisingly, Nelson did not go to high school, because he had a genuine obligation to support his ... »

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