Marie Walcamp - фильмография


Western Vengeance1924
Tempest Cody, Kidnapper1919
Tempest Cody Turns the Tables1919
Tempest Cody Bucks the Trust1919
Tempest Cody Gets Her Man1919
Tempest Cody Plays Detective1919
Tempest Cody's Man Hunt1919
Tempest Cody Rides Wild1919
Tempest Cody Hits the Trail1919
A Phantom Fugitive1919
The Red Glove1919
The Whirlwind Finish1918
The Lion's Claws1918
The Red Ace1917
The Kidnapped Bride1917
The Star Witness1917
Steel Hearts1917
The Indian's Lament1917
Onda of the Orient1916
Who Pulled the Trigger?1916
The Human Pendulum1916
The Money Lenders1916
A Railroad Bandit1916
Tammany's Tiger1916
Где мои дети? / Where Are My Children?1916
John Needham's Double1916
The Flirt1916
The Iron Rivals1916
The Heart of a Tigress1915
A Fight to a Finish1915
The Yellow Star1915
The Surrender1915
A Double Deal in Pork1915
Chasing the Limited1915
Chasing the Limited1915
A Daughter of the Jungles1915
The Toll of the Sea1915
The Test of a Man1915
The Circus Girl's Romance1915
The Jungle Queen1915
The Blood of His Brother1915
The War of the Wild1915
The Oaklawn Handicap1915
The Blood of the Children1915
The Lost Ledge1915
Terrors of the Jungle1915
Ridgeway of Montana1915
The Awaited Hour1915
The Crime of Thought1915
In the Jungle Wilds1915
The Law of the Range1914
The Trail Breakers1914
The Silent Peril1914
The Jungle Master1914
A Redskin Reckoning1914
The Half-Breed1914
Our Enemy's Spy1914
A Daughter of the Plains1914
The Law of the Lumberjack1914
The Lure of the Geisha1914
Rescued by Wireless1914
Tribal War in the South Seas1914
Olana of the South Seas1914
A Mexican Spy in America1914
The Great Universal Mystery1914
Isle of Abandoned Hope1914
Cast Adrift in the South Seas1914
A Nation's Peril1914
In the Wolves' Fangs1914
Won in the Clouds1914
From the Lion's Jaws1914
The Legion of the Phantom Tribe1914
The Vagabond Soldier1914
The Option1914
Оборотень / The Werewolf1913
By Fate's Decree1913
The Doctor's Orders1913
The Girl and the Tiger1913
Деревенский кузнец / The Village Blacksmith1913


A Phantom Fugitive1919